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Film Friday - Montreal in Color

Next week, black and white. But this week, color. I think this was a roll of Fuji Reala, which I decided to buy purely on a whim (I like trying new films). I have to say I'm not overawed by it, and so I don't think I'll buy it again. But despite my lukewarm feelings about the film, I still feel like sharing these photos with you.

I love photographing green things. Maybe you've noticed? These first three photos are from our trek up Mont Royal, the tallest hill in Montreal, and the one that the city is named after. I spent so much of my life in that park, especially the last summer I spent in Montreal before I moved back to California. It's a place like no other, with all kinds of activities happening there regularly, mostly on the weekends. (To see some great medium format film images of the park in action, check out Kate Hutchinson's blog.)

We, however, hiked up it on a Friday, and so it was pretty empty except for joggers.

And then we got to the top and saw the city in all its glory.

As I travel more, I'm beginning to realize that San Francisco, while it's an excellent place in so many ways, has pretty terrible clouds. We pretty much never have such fluffy, cheerful clouds as these in our skies. (Cloud experts: what are these? Nimbus? Cumulus? Cumulonimbus? Omnibus? Just kidding about that last one.)

And then we visited that hallowed spot: the McGill campus. What memories we revisited there! I loved that school, and it was a great four years. It's also a pretty great campus.

Next week: more Montreal (mostly) but all black and white. Get ready!

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