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“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." – Imogen Cunningham

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen

Sweet Dreams

This Evening

Sorry I've been MIA.

The Viewpoint

I'm lucky enough that there are some other photographers who agree to come out for photo walks with me. You should know, however, if you ever decide to do such a thing, that there is a very real chance I will turn the camera on you!

Chad's a natural model (and I'm not the first to think so), and when he posed on this crag overlooking the bay a photo was inevitable. It's shots like this that remind me I should be outside in the evening, and not inside processing photos! Ah well, what can you do?


There are some stores where you walk in and you just know. You're a goner; even before you know what it is, you know you're going to buy something. But (if you're me) you walk in anyway.

"There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it." - Edith Wharton

That's what happened to me today when I bought this candle. I picked it up, smelled it, and was transported to a place with almond biscotti baking in the oven and sunlight pouring through every window.

Fortunately for me, there aren't too many of those stores or I'd be in deep trouble. One such, though, is definitely Anthropologie. There's something about it: the packaging, the smells, the frilly details everywhere. The colors, the textures, the design. I admit it; I'm a girl. So what?

For some reason, having a candle burning relaxes me. Helps me get down to work. If it smells divine, all the better. And I've been trying to optimize my workspace so it feels good to be working. If you could see what I have to work with you'd wish me luck! For elves, it might be ideal. For me, it's a bit cramped. But add a candle, and some good music playing and suddenly my head space gets a lot roomier.

What helps you work? I'd love to get some more tips.

Mouseover Monday 4 - The Bridge

Mouseover to see the color version of the image.

A reflected view of the Bay bridge, seen in a restaurant window.

Also, you must check out the Ball of Light photos! Astounding. And amazing how much work goes into each one.


More of this delicious dude on the blog very very soon.

Natalie and Travis Part II - The Details

I simply had to give the details their own post because quite simply - they were stunning. I suspect it might have had something to do with the time Natalie had on her hands in Scotland, waiting for the slow US government to finally grant her a visa, but whatever the reason, the results speak for themselves.

I ask you, how many brides think of everything their guests might need, whether publicly or privately?

Also, I was completely in awe of Natalie's ability to walk effortlessly in these stunners. That's like 5 inches of heel!

She made her bouquet. And the boutonnieres for the men. Now that's a wife worth having! And isn't that hat darling?

I'm always so happy to see a bride who knows herself well enough to choose a color other than white. And this dress made Natalie look fab!

Their bubbles . . .

And this is some sort of Scottish traditional whiskey peace cup. It's called a quaich, and no, please don't ask me to try to pronounce that!

Natalie put a sixpence in her shoe for good luck . . .

The hors d'oeuvres they had looked fabulous! Scallops wrapped with bacon, chicken skewers and spring rolls, oh my!

They also created a marvelous candy table.

Just in case you were nervous about making conversation, there were boxes of interesting questions on every table . . .

And some after dinner mints . . .

The food was gorgeous as well!

And I know this doesn't strictly count as details, but the masks originally intended for the kids somehow made their way onto adult heads with some hilarious results! Travis, I've always felt you were really a lion. Or - what is that animal exactly?

Thanks again to Nat and Trav for a wonderful day. Here's to many many more like it for both of you.

Some Wood

Sometimes I see beauty everywhere and I wonder if I'm a bit crazy. I mean, the lines in this old wooden door, the texture, the diagonals, they fascinate me.

But would normal people even care? It is, in fact, just an old door. Whatever paint was once on it has long since cracked and peeled and chipped and weathered away. I'm sure if you ran your hand over it you'd come away with fingerfuls of splinters.

Maybe it's enough that I find it lovely. This blog is not a democracy. (No one ever elected me.) But still, I'd be interested to hear what you think. Is there beauty in the mundane?

Natalie and Travis - San Francisco Wedding Photographer

If it hadn't been for Amelia, and for Russia, Natalie and Travis might never have met. See, Amelia knew that Travis was pretty amazing, in fact she told Natalie, but Natalie didn't pay proper attention.

What none of them knew was that he would be more than amazing for Natalie, he would be perfect. And through a slightly complicated maze of parties, and roommates, and first dates on her birthday, it started to dawn on Natalie that Amelia was right. Travis was pretty darn great. So great that he climbed a fence for her and braved the Russian police.

And so great that both of them could endure waiting more than 7 months for her to finally get her fiancee visa and come to the United States. Having personally watched Travis wait, I'm so glad they're finally together. That we could all watch them come together this past weekend in San Rafael, and make it official.

The ceremony and reception were held at the Embassy Suites hotel in San Rafael.

And did I mention that my favorite thing about this wedding is the kilts?! I could just die!

Natalie's father Graham flew in all the way from Scotland to give her away.

The ceremony was short, but sweet. I think the highlight might have been when Travis accidentally promised to love Natalie 'conditionally.' Oops!

Loren, way to pose!

And aren't those rings great? How many girls get to have three rings?

Outside, things got a little frisky . . .

That's right, no shoes. This is how we roll in California.

And what could be better than bubbles?

Travis, Natalie, thanks so much for letting me share this special day with you, one that you'll remember forever. I know you'll be amazing going forward. (Just don't forget to thank Amelia!)

*And come back on Friday for Part II - The Details!*

Natalie and Travis Sneak Peek - San Francisco Wedding Photographer

This past weekend I was lucky enough to photography Travis and Natalie's wedding in San Rafael. Come back on Tuesday for the full post!

Justin and Mary - Walk Through a Wedding San Francisco

This was a crazy week. Still is, in fact. Not really a moment of spare time anywhere to be found.

But (mostly) I'm not bitter, because it's been amazing. You see, a few weeks ago, on a spontaneous (and rather expensive) whim I signed up for Justin and Mary's Spread the Love and Walk Through a Wedding workshops. Spread the Love was on Monday. It's a lecture-style workshop, and basically you just sit down and write notes as fast as you can for 7 hours straight. Yes, seven hours! And man, there was a lot of information. I was so busy writing notes that I didn't have time to take any pictures.

But if Spread the Love was hands off and pencils up, Walk Through a Wedding was totally different. First, Justin and Mary talked a bit about how they prepare for weddings and the whys of what they do. Then they taught us their method of shooting details. Basically it's all about side lighting from a window. And the results are pretty good. Then we got a chance to practice shooting details ourselves.

Our 'bride and groom' were Elizabeth and Ryan of Elizabeth Ryan photography, and they rocked out the fake wedding, happily posing again and again for us all.

Naturally, everyone was fairly trigger happy. It seemed like the group was pretty evenly split between Nikon and Canon shooters. Justin and Mary shoot Nikon, but they were happy to attempt to teach us Canon folk.

And we all got a chance to shoot the bride and her various 'fathers' walking down the aisle. (Left is Justin, right is Dean from Reno.)

THEN we went on to Bourbon and Branch for the 'reception', a 'secret' club/bar/I'm-not-sure-what hidden in the heart of SF. I had never been there before, and while it was a bit tricky shooting as there was zero natural light, it was really cool. And it gave me a lot of practice bouncing my flash, and shooting with an umbrella.

Here are some of the bridesmaids. I loved the styling of it all.

The details were killer!

And Julia was an excellent candy girl.

Some more portraits of the happy couple.

All in all, it was a great day! And I learned a lot. Thanks, Justin and Mary!