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Souvenir Foto School Starting Soon!

{Photo and Design courtesy of Miss B}
So, I don't know if you all remember, but I am an alum of Souvenir Foto thrice over. Once when our project was to photograph the same thing for six weeks (I chose spring blossoms, because I'm a girl), once when we had to photograph food for a while (and I created one of my favorite photos during that session) and then most recently when we photographed the alphabet in 30 days. Man, I won't lie, it was a bit grueling. But I did it, I was proud of that.

And it's all happening again. The alphabet, that is. Starting on February 1st, right around the corner. This time there's a fee to be involved, but it's modest, only $30. And I'm sure it will all be a lot of fun. I enjoy it because it always gets my creative juices flowing. Last time I broke out the Lensbaby and the macro attachments. I experimented with LED lighting as well. Who knows what I'll learn this time?

So basically the DL is this: 26 letters of the alphabet in 29 days of February. That means (if I'm getting my math right) that you have three free days, but every other day you must be taking a photo and uploading it to the Flickr group. Photos must be taken on the same day they are posted, no exceptions!

More info, and a place to pay may be found here. Hope to see you there! And even if I don't, I'm sure you'll be seeing my photos here in February as I work my way through the alphabet.

*Disclaimer: my fee to participate has been waived in exchange for mentioning Souvenir Foto on my blog. But I've mentioned it before when no such arrangement was in place, and I'd likely be doing it anyway because you'll be seeing all of my photos from it soon! Plus I do think it's a fun thing that you should know about.*