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“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." – Imogen Cunningham

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen

Maggie and Megan - San Francisco Wedding Photography

It was a beautiful sunny day in San Francisco in May, the kind of day where you feel like summer has come for a visit and you hope it might stay a while. Maggie and Megan got married among close friends and family, in what I have to say is probably the most relaxed wedding I've ever been to. Nobody walked down an aisle. Nobody threw a bouquet (or even held a bouquet). Nobody consulted a schedule, or put out table assignments, or cut a cake. 

But there was laughter, lots of it. And good conversation. Delicious food and some seriously amazing cookies. And love and promises and lots of hugs all around. Just a spectacularly great day, and Evan and I were lucky enough to be there to capture it and enjoy the spirit of it all. 

The wedding was at the Bay View Boat Club, a charming, eclectic little spot full of nautical tchotchkes right on the water. Megan and Maggie created beautiful succulent terrariums for the tables (one of which is still sitting on my kitchen table, thank you guys! I love it).

This cat knew we were on his turf, but he graciously allowed us to stay anyway.

Don't they look so great together?

Loved that belt, and the dress. Effortless elegance, which is Maggie top to toe.

Some pre-ceremony shenanigans . . . possibly to prevent sunburn.

And then it was time for the ceremony.

And then a group shot. Serious first.

And then a little less serious!

I loved their shoes!

And Maggie's mom made chocolates for everyone to take home. Some serious deliciousness.

And they had M&M's printed with their initials! (Ha ha, get it?)

And the cookies, oh the cookies.

Megan and Maggie, thank you again for choosing us to photograph your wedding. It was such a special day, one we'll never forget. I can't wait to see what adventure you'll embark on together next!

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