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“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen

October Mini Sessions Q&A

So, since I know you all have burning questions about the mini sessions in October, I thought I'd answer a few here.

Note: October Mini-Sessions are now scheduled for Sunday October 30th, not October 29th. I decided that Sunday would work out a bit better. For more information see the previous post here.

Q: Is 30 minutes really enough time?
A: Good question! My normal session length is 1-2 hours. With 30 minutes things are a bit shorter (obviously), and there isn't the possibility of different locations or outfits (unless you're a quick-change artist, in which case, go right ahead!). That makes the sessions have a different feel. Often they're more relaxed and fun, which I love! Also, it's a great chance to try out a themed shoot, without investing too much time and money into it.
    However, since the shoot is shorter, that means fewer pictures. Included in the price is 5 full resolution images. If there are more than 5 great shots (which is quite likely, you handsome devil you), you'll get to pick your favorite five.

Q: Since it's the day before Halloween, can we wear our Halloween costumes?
A: Absolutely! I thought you'd never ask. I'm dying to have some Halloween themed images. Black cats, Elvis Presleys, and Lady Gagas of the world unite!

Q: I was hoping we could get a good photo of the family for our holiday cards.
A: Sneaky. That's not a question, but it does sound like a good idea. A mini session is perfect for a relaxed family photo.

Family fun!

Q: I'm a little camera shy and I'm not sure if this is a good idea for me. Still, I'm intrigued. What do you recommend?
A: It's only 30 minutes, so why not? Wear the clothes you feel like a god or goddess in, do your hair, get your nails done, or get a massage - whatever makes you feel incredible - and then come work it! I'm pretty sure you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

A rockin' dress is always a safe bet for excellent photos.

Q: I'd like to bring my dog and get a shot with him. Would that be ok?
A: Yes! Pets are welcome and totally invited. Bring Fluffy, Mr P, and Speckles. The more the merrier. Just please keep an eye on escape artists. It'd be a shame to have to fish Speckles out of the fountain.

Yes! Bring him.
Q: Where exactly is this going to be? I've never heard of this place TBD.
A: Funny, that's where I initially schedule all my shoots. Most likely we'll be at a park somewhere in San Francisco. Hope that helps you narrow it down a bit.

Chances are, the location will look something like this. 
Then again, pictures on the beach might be great as well . . . 
All right, please let me know if you have any more questions! Contact me at jessica (at) quotidianphotography (dot) com to book a session.