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Film Sunday - Feeling Positive

Well, I missed Film Friday. This is what happens when I half-finish posts in advance - I feel like they're done and so I stop thinking about them, but because I haven't scheduled them to publish, it's like they weren't done at all.

Nothing very earth shattering today anyway, just a few shots from a recent roll of Fuji Provia, the same 'positive film' I blogged about before.

A couple of people asked what positive film is, and I'm no chemist, so I can't give a really in-depth explanation, but most film is what we call negative film, and so when it's been photographed on and then developed, when you look at it the picture appears inverted in terms of light and dark tones. This is true for color or black and white negative film. Positive film, on the other hand, also known as slide film, looks like the picture you took, only smaller. It also tends to have more saturated color and more contrast as well.

And I'm having a lot of fun playing with it. The only trick is that it has a pretty narrow range of exposure values, so it's easy to get clipped blacks or blown out whites. Also, it's more expensive to buy and to develop.

But it's also just lovely.

Hope you're having a beautiful Sunday, spending some time outside and soaking up these gorgeous days.

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