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“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen

Back with some Cats!

Oh, guys, I've missed you! I never meant to be away for so long, it was just one thing and another, and I stayed away from the computer, then the internet was down, and then I worked on some blog posts and was interrupted and never finished them.

All this to say, life has interfered with blogging. A sad state of affairs, I agree.

But I'm back, with some more adoptable cats. I know that's what you've been wanting, I do. Only the best for you!

I hope you're all looking forward to whatever your New Year's Eve plans are. Evan and I are trying to decide between maybe going to a couple of parties, or maybe staying home and being lame alone together. Popping some bubbly, sitting back on the couch with Mouse and Chee (no bubbly for them, sorry guys!) and just hanging out the two of us.

But we might decide that's just too lame, even for us. We'll see. 

So anyway, have a look at some cats, and then tell me what you're doing tonight. I'd love to hear your plans!

This is Peony. She is super sweet; I almost took her home. She crawled on my lap after about two minutes of introductions. And she's so pretty. I have a weakness for gray kitties.

 And this doll is Shae. She's a little shy, but also really sweet. She likes being held and she appreciates a good head scratch.

This one's appropriately named - Sheba. She's energetic and definitely meant to rule her roost. And she's so beautiful.

 Last but not least is little Karl. He's a spunky kid; he's got so much energy and such a small spot to hang out in at the shelter - I hope he gets picked up soon. He'd make a great pet for someone willing to work through the kitten phase with him.
 How can you resist those eyes?

As always, you can find the ACC cats on Petfinder here. They're having a special - 50% off all adoptions through today. Happy browsing!