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“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." – Imogen Cunningham

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen

Happy Holidays!

Home from another lovely weekend in Tahoe. There wasn't much snow, but we did get to go snowshoeing on Saturday, which was so lovely. Along the way we came upon this view and I knew I had to get a picture. Doesn't it look a bit like Yosemite?

I hope you're all enjoying a warm (emotionally) holiday season, with plenty of time spent with loved ones, but not too much stress or sniffles. We've been having a great time with lots of different family permutations, plus Evan's parents got a new puppy! Nothing beats a new puppy for sheer happiness per minute, I think.

Only a little more than a day left in this year - go make the most of it!

From a shoot this past weekend . . .

Almost too cute to handle, isn't he?

Film Friday - Alabama Woods

These are not recent photos, and that's partly because I realized I hadn't blogged them yet, but also because I discovered last night as I began to scan a roll of black and white film that I had been scanning color film as though it were black and white - at least five rolls of it! And it's not super obvious that you're making a huge mistake (the photos are still in color) they do look a little odd.

I thought it was my shooting technique. Now I know better. And I have five rolls of film to scan again. :-)

Anyway, here are some photos from a couple months ago when we were in Alabama at a little cabin in the woods. I got up early both days we were staying there and took a walk along the lake and through the trees. It was lovely to be awake before anyone else was stirring, just me and my cameras and the trees and the water.

I just LOVE medium format film. Don't you try to tell me digital has rendered it a thing of the past - I will disagree one hundred percent.

Enjoy your weekend! Back with some cats tomorrow.

Coming Soon - Michael and Marianna

An intimate civil ceremony I photographed a few weeks ago.

Happy Caturday!

Back to blogging with some cats for Caturday. I just loved this white cat with two different colored eyes. What a looker!

Hope you're having a great Saturday. Don't forget you can always adopt a cat to make it even better!

Lake Tahoe Weekend

It's something of a tradition in Evan's family to spend the Thanksgiving weekend at the family house near Lake Tahoe, and luckily I get to come along and make it my new tradition! The years when it snows are of course the best. What's better than finishing a delicious meal and then heading out into a white flurry to walk off the food coma? I can't imagine anything, personally, especially given our dearth of snowflakes here in San Francisco.

This year, sadly, the snow missed us by a few days (it's snowing there today!) but we still got to enjoy the crisp fall weather. And although my attempt at herding a group of us into a walk along the lake turned instead into a marathon rock-skipping contest, it was no hardship spending some time on the shore taking a few photos.

(See the ripples from the rocks?)

In terms of this sadly neglected blog, I am here again to make all sorts of wild promises. I have so! many! exciting! photos! to! blog! that I think I get a bit overwhelmed and just don't get started, one post at a time.

But watch this space. I've got a lot of fun things to share with you.