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“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." – Imogen Cunningham

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen

A New Look For the Blog

If you've been coming around here for a while, you may notice that a few things have changed. I updated the blog a few months ago, but frankly I was never really happy with the look, so when I had some time today I changed a few things around. I'm not completely done, so if things change a bit more that's all part of the plan! But hopefully all the major work is done.

You'll notice that the comments section of the post is a bit different. You can still leave a comment with normally by clicking 'Click to leave a comment using Blogger.' But you can also leave a Facebook comment if you like, in the box below. Or you can comment in both places if you're feeling especially chatty!

As usual, I'd love to hear what you think of the changes. For me, there are some definite benefits. I love the white background, it feels very clean, and it's the perfect backdrop for images. I admit, I also think the Facebook comments are neat. There's a dropdown categories menu in the menu bar at the top of the page which is kind of cool, and the best part is that the images can be even bigger! 1024 pixels wide/tall! I think that's awesome.

So anyway, tell me what you think, good or bad. I may or may not take your advice to heart, but I certainly will appreciate hearing it.

More Cuties from the Shelter

As you probably guessed from the photo I posted yesterday, I went back to the shelter this week to photograph some cats and kittens. I always have such a great time when I do! It's really meaningful for me to feel like I might be giving these cats a chance at a better home - that someone might see how they sparkle in the photos and come meet them for that reason. 

Also, they are darn cute. I think you may have to agree. 

This lovely lady is Gloria, who was so intent on the toys that she was hard to catch in the act! I always love to photograph the striped cats as they translate well in the camera, but Gloria was something special. 

I mean, look at that pose!

Then we had the sweetest pair of brothers. Quite the matched set. This one is Barry.

And this one is Pablo (slightly different face shape and nose markings, otherwise he's hard to tell apart!).

Of course we had to try to get them together in front of the camera. Herding cats is kind of like . . . . herding cats. They don't tend to do what you tell them to do, and certainly not at the same time! But we did get a couple of shots of them.

And another one of Pablo.

Then this cute young thing is Candy, and she has the prettiest face! I love her orange cheek markings, quite distinctive. Whoever ends up with her will be quite lucky.

Generally I only photograph the cats and the small animals at the shelter and other photographers get the dogs. But Scrappy Doo's foster dad was at the shelter while I was there and he coaxed us into doing some photos of him on the white paper. Now this is a dog who moves at the speed of light! I don't think I've ever seen one who was faster or who spent less time stationary.

I kind of chuckled, actually, as his foster dad told me how hard it was to take pictures of him. I mean, all animals are a bit tricky, right? Well let me tell you, I was totally unprepared for this little bundle of energy. I consider it an outright miracle that any of the pictures were in focus. Really.

That being said, he is the cutest little thing ever, and whoever takes him home is going to fall in love in five seconds flat.

Get that bandanna, Scrappy!

He also had a Grrrrrona stuffed toy. So cute!

 Back to the cats, who suddenly seemed so much easier to photograph! This is Billy, who was a little shy but very friendly. He would have preferred to be in a lap instead of on the white paper, getting flashed at and hearing strange clicking noises.

And then we had Tulip the tortie, who was a photography champ. Such pretty colors!

Last but not least was Lancelot, who would love to come slay any dragons at your house, and rescue all the fair maidens. He's a brave kitten, full of energy and fun. And determined to attack all the toys at once!

See anyone you like? Go adopt them today!