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Marianne's 100th Birthday Party - Berkeley Event Photography

AnnMarie and I have known each other a long time. A long time. We sang together in high school (and middle school, I think?) and she's someone I've always admired for her tenacious spirit, great sense of humor, and of course her amazing singing voice!

So when she messaged me on Facebook and said that her grandmother Marianne was turning 100, I knew I had to be there. I only hope that I can make it to such a ripe old age with so much vigor!

Her birthday party was at Le Bateau Ivre in Berkeley, a wonderful French restaurant with amazing service. Here are some photographs of it all. Enjoy!

I think everyone should be required to wear a lei on their hundredth birthday. I know I will!

AnnMarie, you're awesome! And you have the best smile ever.

I loved all these kids! Super cute.

One of the best things about the party was the huge mix of ages there. From 1 to 100, most ages were represented!

Some delicious food.

I can't really remember what this facial expression meant. :)
Time for toasts.

And time to blow out the candles! Fortunately there were a few less than 100.

Mmmm, delicious cake.

And some photographs of the family.

Thanks AnnMarie and Marianne (and Adela, Aurora, Steve, Valerie, Richard, Paul, and Bill . . . did I forget anyone?). It was a wonderful party. Hopefully these photos will help you all remember it for a long, long time.