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“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." – Imogen Cunningham

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen

San Francisco Marina and Presidio Engagement - Jaclyn and Francisco

The first time I met Jaclyn, when she came over to discuss her wedding photography, I knew I liked her immediately. Jaclyn is warm and funny and exuberant, and of course it doesn't hurt that she's got gorgeous eyes and killer fashion sense. I knew I liked her, and I also knew I would love photographing her.

Francisco I didn't meet until the day of our engagement shoot, although of course by then I had heard a lot about him. And it turned out (no surprise!) that he's perfect for Jaclyn. He'll get ice cream delivered, laugh at her jokes, and hop on board with whatever plan she's hatching up next.

And then, to make it all even better, Jaclyn said she wanted their session in the Presidio and at Crissy Field - two of my favorite SF locations! I especially feel like the Presidio doesn't get the love it deserves; the eucalyptus trees there are just kind of other-worldly.

I would like to take a moment and draw your attention to Jaclyn's fabulous boots. As a self-confessed boot addict (sadly, not in recovery yet) they made me a bit green with envy.

I just love this one.

Then they did a quick change and we headed off closer to the water.

I love this series. I'd hang them as a set of four, just like this, or maybe all in a row.

Some GGB action.

Jaclyn and Francisco, thank you so much for a wonderful engagement session. I can't wait for your wedding in November!

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