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“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." – Imogen Cunningham

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen

Wordless Wednesday - Vines

Morgan and Alex - Sneak Peek

Bride with veil over her face photo

Wedding couple photo

What an amazing, beautiful wedding! More photos coming in a few days.

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Caturday - With Some Rabbits

gray and white cat

This lovely gray dude is Elliot, and he's a little shy, but mellows out quickly once you get to know him. I love his half white/half pink little nose!

gray and white cat

gray and white cat

And this gorgeous bun is Hayes. He was a bundle of energy, hopping around all over the white paper! Fortunately he stood still long enough for a few shots.

light brown rabbit

light brown rabbit

light brown rabbit

And this is Nuvia. She's a lionhead/himalayan mix, which it turns out is quite a fetching combination. Also energetic, but she'll come and jump into the safest lap she can find.

Himalayan Lionhead rabbit

Himalayan Lionhead rabbit

Happy Caturday! And if you're hankering for someone soft and furry, you can't do better than to adopt them here!

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Film Friday - Chee

Black and White Film Photo of a Cat

No, not completely in focus but that's my Chee. He loves sitting on paper and then chewing the corners off it. Annoyingly, when it's something you were hoping to keep pristine, but cute when it was just destined for the recycling bin anyway.

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Little Zach - San Francisco Newborn Photographer

Caturday - This Time With Cats

Film Friday - Finally Some Color!


Wizards! - Palace of Fine Arts Photography

When Bethany asked me to do graduation photos for her and a few friends, she didn't quite convey just how awesome, and awesomely PURPLE their robes were going to be.

Add to that a couple of great hats, a few books, and a spirit of exploration, and I think what you come up with is some amazing photos of amazing ladies.

The wind, of course, wanted to play as well. And who could blame it?


Plus, bubbles! Did I mention the bubbles??

It's so hard to choose a favorite photo, but I think this might be the one.