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Natalie and Travis Part II - The Details

I simply had to give the details their own post because quite simply - they were stunning. I suspect it might have had something to do with the time Natalie had on her hands in Scotland, waiting for the slow US government to finally grant her a visa, but whatever the reason, the results speak for themselves.

I ask you, how many brides think of everything their guests might need, whether publicly or privately?

Also, I was completely in awe of Natalie's ability to walk effortlessly in these stunners. That's like 5 inches of heel!

She made her bouquet. And the boutonnieres for the men. Now that's a wife worth having! And isn't that hat darling?

I'm always so happy to see a bride who knows herself well enough to choose a color other than white. And this dress made Natalie look fab!

Their bubbles . . .

And this is some sort of Scottish traditional whiskey peace cup. It's called a quaich, and no, please don't ask me to try to pronounce that!

Natalie put a sixpence in her shoe for good luck . . .

The hors d'oeuvres they had looked fabulous! Scallops wrapped with bacon, chicken skewers and spring rolls, oh my!

They also created a marvelous candy table.

Just in case you were nervous about making conversation, there were boxes of interesting questions on every table . . .

And some after dinner mints . . .

The food was gorgeous as well!

And I know this doesn't strictly count as details, but the masks originally intended for the kids somehow made their way onto adult heads with some hilarious results! Travis, I've always felt you were really a lion. Or - what is that animal exactly?

Thanks again to Nat and Trav for a wonderful day. Here's to many many more like it for both of you.