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“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." – Imogen Cunningham

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen

More from Yosemite

We had such a good time in Yosemite last weekend. Sometimes it seems like so much work to go away somewhere for a weekend: all the driving, and packing, and planning can make it feel like it's not worth it.

But it always is. I just love being somewhere new, with new smells, new sights, new breezes and pockets of beautiful light, and new attitudes and customs. Even if it's somewhere not so far away, somewhere I've already been a few times, it's still magical.

And if it's Yosemite, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Well. Then it's just something else.

The impetus for the trip was Evan's company, which generously sponsored most of it (for the whole company, not just us). We all went for a lovely day of spring skiing on Saturday. The weather was beautiful, the snow was a little slow, just how I like it. I'm not one for speeding down the mountain; I prefer to take a look around me as I go. And although I didn't bring my camera on the slopes this time because I forgot the right camera bag at home (and deeply regretted it), skiing unencumbered and without too much fear of falling was probably the right choice. (I do like the photos from last year's trip, though.)

Saturday evening we all sat around and ate good food, and inspected each other's weird sunburns. (I was good except for a tiny triangle right up near my hairline where the sunscreen apparently didn't penetrate.) Some had a midnight poker game, but Evan and I just crashed out early, and then the next morning woke up at dawn for a little frosty meadow photography.

The light was just beautiful.

And I have to say that I take secret pleasure in the fact that just as we were leaving the meadow, a bunch of other photographers showed up with tripods and fancy equipment, and *snap* just like that the gorgeous dawn light was gone. Ha!

After that we had a leisurely breakfast, checked out of our hotel, and with Evan's parents went to explore Yosemite Valley a bit.

It was beautiful; there's nowhere else like it.

We walked the tiny hike into Bridalveil falls and proceeded to be almost totally soaked by the fine spray that went everywhere! My lens got a thorough cleaning after that.

Then we wandered around the valley a bit more, and visited the Ansel Adams gallery, which Evan only tolerated but I really enjoyed. I couldn't afford the $45,000 prints of Ansel's that they had for sale, but I did get myself a pretty nice Michael Frye print of a photo of his that I've always loved.

And then we drove home. It was a lovely weekend. We need to do it more often! Anyone want to plan a Yosemite trip with me?