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“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." – Imogen Cunningham

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen

Day 113 (July 2) - More Cheating

Another image from Myanmar. Evan and I are going to Chiang Mai tomorrow for a long weekend, so I didn't get a chance for a shot. Plus, sometimes I feel lazy and uninspired. But I won't hate myself for it if you won't, so it's okay.

Because we're going away, expect no posts for the next five days, and then a slew of posts when we return, as per the usual formula.

I'm posting this photo because it's a great example of what photo editing can do for you, as well as the power of shooting raw. Take a look at the original:

I mean, raw photos in general look a bit flat, but this is night and day. I'd love some feedback on the processing, if anyone feels so inclined. Just for your information, I was handholding and the light was fleeting, so I underexposed on purpose, to keep the shot in focus.

A short rundown of what I did to the photo: brought the exposure up, added some fill light to make the grass even lighter, used the graduated filter option for the sky, optimized the contrast, brought up the vibrance (colors), straightened the photo, and added some sharpening, plus a few other fixes.


  1. Snakes on a plane

    Converstaion overheard on a plane yesterday:

    Idiot 1: So my wife ran her credit up to 6K haha
    Idiot 2: Don't they just make you laugh
    Idiot 1: Then she buys more stuff, and comes home and is like "look at all this nice stuff" and I ask her about it, so she goes... ok. i got the limit upped.
    Idiot 2: Friend of mine - the wife spent 20 K, and said couldn't they just remortgage (guffaws) I laughed so hard I could hardly play (golf)
    Idiot 1: Well you know, I was lucky, buying the place over in (X), don't get me wrong, there's love in the marriage and all, but just in case, I got some advice and you don't have to put the wife's name on a building over there, even if you're married.
    Idiot 2: Really?
    Idiot 1: Yeah, I mean I still (chuckle chuckle) had to get her to sign out the money from the bank account, just said you know - honey it's some bank stuff and luckily she trusts me so...

    Hopefully the wife of Idiot 1 will soon leave him for someone with hair, and without a fake american accent.

    (this is a pest post - nothin to do with this blog at all, tho I do love this blog too. And I was kindly invited by Jessica, so thanks for havin me - the big drawback here was I couldn't just copy and paste into the comment box for some reason, so that's a bit frustrating, but I guess it does minimise this blog's susceptibility to pirates!!)

  2. Sorry my blog made it difficult for you Niamh, I'll see if I can suss out a fix for that, but I probably am not smart enough (most likely :)).

    Excellent guerilla posting! Now I have to go check out what you left on Beedlemama's blog.

  3. hiya,

    thanks for humouring me, beedlemama's was exactly the same, except copied and pasted, so her's is slightly longer... But her blog's well worth a visit in it's own right, as is yours, and now, having done this strange experiment, my conclusion is that it's all a bit of juvenile silliness, which is ok in small doses, but too much would be irritating, so I think i'll stoppit now!!
    Glad you got over the cold ok, and I like the panning shot alot as well, it's great the way practise makes you good at stuff - pity it takes up so much time tho isn't it?

  4. See what I mean as well about the lack of ability to edit a comment - there's a horrible extra apostrophe in the above, and now if I ever run for president it'll just be dug up with all the other dirt and I'll be shamed!!!!

  5. I won't hold that apostrophe against you.

    But I can't speak for anyone else. It's a danger to your political career, that is for sure. Shall we stage a cover-up?

  6. That might best serve the public interest alright...


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