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“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen

Day 176 (September 3) - The Sky's the Limit

The sky here is always so beautiful. This shot doesn't do it justice. Every day I try to think about how to incorporate more sky into my photos, but there's a lot of clutter around. Most of my photos with sky I'm not happy with.

So here's one with almost all sky, and it soothes my hunger for sky just a bit. Thanks to all of you for understanding.


  1. I'm obsessed with photographing clouds..sometimes when I drive and see magnificent cloud architecture, I wish I can just pull over and stand on the road divider and just clik, click, click. My pics always didn't do justice too..but I'll saturate the colour a bit so that the sky looks bluer..as blue as what I see with my bare eyes. This one is to me beautiful, as you capture the clear and dark clouds in one shot..it tells story. I always try to avoid any man-made gadgets in my cloud pic, but lately I include the wires and lamp post.. I love how your antenna becomes a centre here.

  2. I wish I could express my thoughts as well as HLiza did. I, too, love clouds. I have tried to do oil paintings of them and it never turns out right! The antenna was just the right touch.

  3. I agree a sky without clouds is quite boring. I like this shot, not a great shot but sort of peaceful

  4. I like the alomst gray scale result (black and blue)



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