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“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." – Imogen Cunningham

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen


Take some time, lie down on the grass today. Literally, if you can, or figuratively if you have no grass available. Spend ten minutes where all you do is look up at the sky and find the shapes in clouds. Or let your thoughts wander.

It's Sunday, you deserve a break.


  1. Great bokeh. It is so beautiful and has this spring like feeling to it. And I have 3 feet of snow and 7F outside :(.

  2. Beautiful and uplifting...love the how the soft blurs lead to the detailed green grass...nice compositon! I wish I could lay in the grass to look up at the sky, unfortunately I would be covered by the white stuff...LOL Enjoy your Sunday too! ;)

  3. That grass just looks so alive, and a lovely idea to go with - you're right, we do deserve a break today...

  4. You really got down into it for this great shot, what were you hunting, Tiger? Yes it is serene, but alas it is Monday. LOL I think Blogger may be dying as this image did not download for me, however the enlargement worked fine, and I saw the entire shot, had the same hassle on Lena's Blog, Thank Heaven for WP, gosh I sound like Tammy, someone shoot me before I jump on a broom.

  5. i so wish i could just lie down in a spot somewhere and slow down. life just hurries us along n i so do need a rest. great pics on this blog

  6. Ron, where are you located that it's already Monday? You made me double check my calendar, but I'm pretty sure it's still Sunday here.

    And Bengbeng, thanks for the comment. We all need to slow down and rest from time to time. Glad you enjoy the pictures!

    Tammy and Iza, sorry about the snow. I'll see what I can do. :)

  7. That's a great idea, but please remind me again in May or so ;-)
    (all cold and snowy here too)

  8. Far to hot for me to be out on the grass today.

    I love the yellow glow of sunshine in this image.

  9. I have tried several time to get a good bokeh and grass shot, and I have yet to succeed. I always find what I end up focusing on isn't all that attractive. And I feel this shot came out the same. It looks to me to be a patch of weeds with too much of the foreground out of focus.
    I think it might be better if there was just a few distinct blades in focus (maybe that would be a macro shot). I find my eyes wondering all over the picture looking for a distinct focal point.


  10. Thanks for the honest criticism, Z. It's true, the shot could be better, but I still enjoy it the way it is. Maybe you're right, less blur in front.

    I'd love to get a macro lens to test your theory out. Just have to find a sugar daddy first! :)


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