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“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." – Imogen Cunningham

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen


Focal length: 100mm
Aperture: f/5
Shutter Speed: 1/200
ISO: 200

The internet is abuzz about the iPad, and I have a few thoughts.

#1 - I want it. It's beautiful! Can you imagine handing the iPad to someone to show off your images? (Just so long as they don't drop it.)

#2 - If I have an iPhone, what else will it do for me? Seems like aside from being bigger, the functionality isn't that different. I'd feel silly carrying both, but probably not silly enough to stop me from doing it, if I could get my hands on one. Which is unlikely to happen any time soon. (So back to thought #1, I want one . . .)

#3 - What would portable technology look like without Apple? I ask this as a PC user, but an iPhone owner. A lot less attractive, and a lot more gray plastic, I think.

Anyway, back to the picture at hand, which I think would look excellent on an iPad. I've been pushing myself recently to shoot at longer focal lengths, as I got really comfortable in Thailand with 50mm and wider. And although sometimes it's a bit tough not to throw my 50mm on the camera, I've been enjoying the exercise. I love the depth of field here, that's for sure. And I've been having fun playing with compression.


  1. Pretty, pretty composition and background!

  2. Hi!
    Beautiful shot! I love the color of the flower standing out all by itself. Have a great day!


  3. Great contrast & composition! I LOVE this - so simple,so elegant!

    I want an ipad too (my husband is a computer (and apple) nerd), so it wouldn't matter what I wanted anyway, when it comes out we will have it LOL I really want it for the book reading...my eyes are not the best and it would be so nice to make those words bigger! Pictures is a plus too....only a few more months (both of my teenage boys think they are getting one too) LOL

  4. It is starting to look like Spring again with photos like this. Beautiful!

  5. I so don't agree with you on the iPad. I have my iPhone, where I have all the essentials ;) (mail, Twitter, Facebook) like in my MacBook. I just don't see iPad doing anything for me what iPhone couldn't, and just being bigger and heavier. Larger screen, maybe, but again, heavier... less portable and handy...

  6. I love the simplicity too, great pictures.

  7. Jessica! The simplicity and color is stunning!


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