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“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen


There is a tree near my house that sheds these orange-yellow things, I am not sure what to call them as they are not flowers. Anyway, I spied them on the windshield wipers of a blue truck and I appreciated the complimentary color pair, plus the cool texture of whatever-these-things-are.

I shot this at 50mm, f/2.8, although in hindsight I think I could have stopped down a bit more and that would have improved the picture.

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  1. What an interesting image...if you hadn't explained it I'm not sure it I would have known what it was. Nice clarity in those little yellow flowers...and nice contrast between the yellows and blues...the depth in this is right on. The selective blurring (and color) really brings yours eyes right to those yellow flowers.

  2. From the first time I figured out what Bokeh was and how to manage it, I have been in love with it.
    With such a shallow DOF, the focal point must be spot on. I don't think the focus could get much better then this.
    Also, this shot gives me a feeling of urban decay (a favorite category of mine). From the faded paint, to the dead foliage, to the imperfection in the windshield, you can tell this truck has had a long and useful life.
    Finally, I feel the contrasting colors work very well with each other and are what really bring this photo to the next level.

    Fantastic Shot.


  3. Very nice shot.
    I like the use of f2.8 in this actually. I would not change it. The low DOF is what gives the shot more of a focal point in the subject... the orange ball things.
    Composition is also very good.. the blurred out background gives you something to think about.
    I knew what it was right away only because my tree in the spring does something similar.. except they are brown little balls.. that get EVERWHERE! I find soo many in my vent system of my car!

  4. Great close up, the yellow stuff looks a bit like wattle flowers to me, but hard to tell without the tree.

  5. Funny what our eyes see. I focused more on the arm of the windshield wiper than on the flowers... I looked and looked at it and couldn't figure out what it was until I read the comments. I really like the contrast this picture shows.

  6. That one took me by surprise. At first, I didn't recognize the parts of the car, and I thought the flowers are much bigger than they are. Great shot!

  7. The colors are so fine. I looked before reading too and put my self in the gutter.

  8. Wonderful close up, love the contrast you have here.

  9. I love it and what a great idea to shoot it. I might try the same thing if we get some snow these next couple of days. ice on the blades should work well.

    I love your site


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