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Lunchtime!, originally uploaded by quotidian photography.

Did I mention that I love my new lens? Oh, I might have? Well, I do. One of my favorite things about it is the clearly superior quality of the bokeh to any of my other lenses - even my beloved nifty fifty.

Anyway, this bee was kind enough to pose for me as he had his lunch, giving me a chance to explore the bokeh. Nice of him, right?


  1. You are right...amazing bokeh...I love how it encircles that bee! Beautiful!

  2. Vat eez deez ting you call, how you say eet..."bokeh"?


  3. ugh, the lens looks great. I really don't want to buy it due to its high price and if I ever go full frame.

  4. Yeah, I struggled with the decision for a while. But I kept coming back to the fact that there's no other lens on the market that can do as much of what I want it to. I figure I'm wedded to my current body for a while, and if I get a full frame body I'll still keep this one as a second camera. Plus, I bought it used, so if I ever decide to resell the lens, I won't have lost that much.

    Still, I feel you on that one. Spent more on this lens than I did on the camera and kit lens together.

  5. And NNMNM, bokeh is the quality of the out of focus portion of the photo. This lens has really smooth out of focus parts. My other lenses produce bokeh that's a bit harsher. NOT a good reason to spend so much money on a lens. But once the money's been spent, it is a nice bonus.

  6. Jessica,

    I guess one day I'll get it, I think one of the things that holds me back is the fact it only goes to 55mm. I would love if it went to 85. I have the 17mm-85mm and it is perfect for a walkaround leave on my camera at all times so I can grab and go lens.

    I see you have the 55-250 which is a nice lens but i feel your next purchase (lol we are all lens broke) is the 70-200. I have the f4 non is and i love it. Looking back i would have saved for the IS. the 2.8 is just a bit expensive.

    thank you for your feedback and your blog I truly enjoy it.


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