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Walking on the Highline in Manhattan I just thought this was the coolest building. If anyone happens to know its name or function I'd be really happy to find out!

Edit: It's been identified, it's the IAC building.


  1. This is a great image! Colors, atmosphere, everything is just perfect. The photo showed up in my reader just after the Twilight photography article from Blackstar, and I though at first it is a continuation of that post, as it fitted perfectly :).

  2. I really like this architectural shot....the blues and yellows compliment each other very well....nice!

  3. This is a great shot of some really interesting architecture! Too bad I dont have any buildings like that around here!
    I would love to know what kind of post-processing you applied? It does look like there is a bit of a halo around the building. It does not distract too much from the photo though, so good job!

  4. Now that is one cool building...the lighting and the way the building curves is just amazing!! Another favorite of mine! :)

  5. It is the IAC building by Frank Gehry at 18th Street


  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments, everyone!

    Fernando, I don't see the halo you mention, so I'm not sure what you are seeing. I tweaked the white balance on this a little, and brought up the color, plus as usual I set the white and black points. I also used a masked curve in Photoshop to get the contrast right in the building only and to leave the sky alone. But I masked out the sky very carefully so that shouldn't have created any halo.

    Anyway, hope that helps.

  7. I like seeing the night shot. I captured it last year during the day and the windows appeared mostly translucent. http://klsbear.wordpress.com/2009/09/03/august-31-2009-peaks-or-valleys-230/


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