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True Fans

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Last week, if you had a stick to shake, you'd hit a Giants fan in San Francisco. Literally. And then you'd probably have to apologize a little, because although people were happy, they still probably wouldn't appreciate being hit with a stick. I mean, who does? Not me! You should have left your stick at home! Very irresponsible of you to bring it outside!

Anyway, fair weather fans were everywhere. I should know; I was one of them. That's why it made me smile to see this happy couple in their truck: it was clear that they were tried-and-true, dyed-in-the-wool fans. (If you can't read the flag it says GIANTS). And her smile just caps it all.


  1. Terrific Motion shot this and tack sharpened to boot, P.S. Did the Giants do something??

  2. Yeah, they won this little contest called the World Series. Kind of a big deal in one country, not really a world thing at all. But still, cool for us.

  3. This makes me smile! I went out and tried some panning...now I really, really appreciate your wonderful images...that is hard!

  4. Really nice pan, and I love the way you perked this up.

  5. hi jessica

    this isn't so much a comment as a request - you work with my fiance, travis, and we're looking for a wedding photographer.

    i've been following your blog since you gave him your card, and, to quote macdonalds and their poor grammar -i'm lovin' it!

    wondered if you'd be interested in having a wee chat about being our photographer for our big (actually, small) day?

    i've asked trav to pass my email address on to you but you might have to mention that to him as he's a little forgetful...

    if you're interested it would be awesome - your stuff is magnificent and you seem so cute on your blog (wow - if that sounds patronising, then sorry) so please get in touch and maybe we can hash something out!




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