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“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." – Imogen Cunningham

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen

Is There a Bird in That Tree?

I was walking home today from work (feeling very virtuous as I usually take the bus), and I saw this cat. Pulled out my camera, and I took a few shots, this being one.

Walked a little further and I saw a guy very intently photographing something on the sidewalk with a little point-and-shoot. I strolled by him with my hulking DSLR nonchalantly, feeling like 'please don't notice my huge camera!'

At which point he says, "Are you a photographer?"

duh duh DUHHHHHHHHHHH tension builds, what do I say??

A couple of months ago I might have said, "I'm an amateur." or "I want to be a photographer." or "Sometimes." or just "I love photography." BUT NOW? I have a photography business. I get paid to take pictures, which is just amazing and wonderful and terrific and comes with scary accounting software and filing and invoices and . . . yick. But still. Amazing. So I said "YES."

And then we had this great five minute street-corner conversation about film vs digital photography (he used to be a film shooter), and the different signature looks of different cameras, and whether art was dying. We got totally philosophical on the street corner! (To which I said no. Just changing, thankyouverymuch.)

And anyway, did I mention that I love San Francisco? Well, I do.

*PS New logo/watermark. What think you all?


  1. excellent, shot, love the cat's inquisitive look and it makes you wonder yes, is there a bird in that tree, or maybe a squirrel. It could be used commercially I would think, maybe a poster for your business. I am thinking of a good logo for it too.

  2. Great story, love the photo but thought it was an Evangelical Cat and your Logo it's Halo, Cool!

  3. This pic made me laugh! Great shot!

  4. You captured the true essence of a cat's curiosity! I love this!

  5. Love the shot and the dof is fantastic. Mind if I ask you the exif data?
    I prefer the other logo/watermark.

  6. You really did catch the essence of a cat! :) I find it interesting how the cat and tree are very infocus, yet the background is blurred. I know about bokeh, but this looks different.

  7. That is one good lookin' cat. Nice shot!


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