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“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." – Imogen Cunningham

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen

Back and Front

These images are in part inspired by the talented Siebe Warmoeskerken in his image California (taken here in SF, even though he's from a faraway land). It certainly made me appreciate lovely old cars by the side of the road in good afternoon light. (For those who haven't been following long, I do often photograph old cars by the side of the road, but usually a bit later in the day. Here are some examples.)

Anyway, something about the light on this one spoke to me, so I paused on my way to meet a friend for a glass of wine and shot the front and the back of it. Which angle do you like better?

During my browsing on the interwebs I found an interesting interview with Francis Ford Coppola on his process and the nature of life as an artist here. He has some controversial views, that's for sure. Such as: artists don't need to be paid for their work, and that art should be free.

Also, I just finished watching the CreativeLive class that I purchased in August by Jasmine Star on Wedding Photography. It's a great class. I'm kind of cheap (another way to say that is broke!), and I think $129 is a lot to pay for a collection of videos you view on the web (I only paid $99 because I bought it while the course was live). But I really do feel like I learned a lot about branding, and also about the little things that Jasmine just knows from shooting soooo many weddings. And watching her interact with the bride was really helpful as well.

An interesting exercise she has her students do is to come up with 3 adjectives that define their brand. Hers, no surprise, are 'fun, fresh, and fabulous.'

I've been trying to come up with the three that are most appropriate for my photography.  Some thoughts are simple, timeless . . . Any ideas?


  1. I see you have found my car lol These are great!

    What about simple, timeless and elegant?

  2. Since you asked, I'll tell you that I like the view from the rear, because there are less distractions in the background and it looks newer and shinier from that angle. But I'd really like to see the angle from the drivers seat looking out the windshield headed down a beach side road. Beautiful car!

  3. I'd say atmospheric needs to be one of the three adjectives. Nearly all your photos portray the atmosphere around the subject.

  4. And just as I press Send on that comment, I'm thinking: personal. The atmosphere you show in your photos, is the atmosphere you personally experience I think. Looking at your photos I see a glimpse of you in a way, so I'd go with personal.

  5. I like the picture of the rear better, it feels more straightforward and simple. The front picture is too busy. Maybe cropping closer to the car would improve this? And now noticing my car in the front picture I have to choose it as the better picture.

  6. Love this one! With or without the car! I mean, with the car, of course! It's a Porsche! But seriously though, beautiful capture :)


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