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“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen

CIty Night

I actually shot and processed this image about a month ago, and I've been on the fence about posting it since then. There are some things I really love about it: the atmosphere of a city at night, something I've always found really magical. Also, I love that girl with her shopping back in the foreground. And I like that she's blurry, but I wonder how y'all feel about that. I like the different layers as well: she family in the background, the lady having a conversation with her coffee in the bottom left corner, the city lights in the distance. The only thing I worry about is: is it too busy? For me the focal point is the girl.

But what about you?

(PS Happy Birthday Hannah!)


  1. The focus for me is definitely the fast moving lady, but then once I take off her I roam the scene...this is a nice capture of a street scene...I like the black and white, it takes the distractions out of the image and gives you a chance to really look at the different groups of people! I like it!

  2. I like the b+w processing - has a feel of timelessness to it, despite the presence of some "modern" shops. Agreed, the focal point is definitely the moving woman - the blurriness of her evokes the hustle and bustle while the scale of the Macy's building portraysthe immensity of city life.

    May I ask the specs as well whether this was hand-held?

  3. I think it is a bit busy, indeed. I have not seen the girl until I read your post. She is really blurry, I think it is easier to recognize her shopping bag. At the same time, the image reminds me some of Eli Reinholdtsen work, and not just because it is black and white. There is some atmosphere to it.


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