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Katie and Trevor - Second Shooting for Amanda Lock

It was through a series of slightly confused emails that Amanda Lock  (to see her site, click here) and I sent to each other that we finally decided I would help her shoot the wedding of Katie and Trevor. (Before anyone thinks anything about Amanda, the confusion was all on my side. Sometimes my emails are not the clearest.)

But on the day of the wedding, there was no confusion. Only a beautiful ceremony for Trevor and Katie, who were surrounded by the best and most loving group of friends and family. I've very rarely seen a couple who were quite so fully in love, a love that all around them were eager to proclaim special and rare.

The men were especially dapper. I loved Trevor's white suit and blue vest. Quite an eye-catching combo!

And what a handsome groom! Lucky Katie.

I loved the simplicity of the color scheme: pale blues and pinks, with a few accent colors here and there.

The flowers were just gorgeous, and I have always loved gardenias. They lent their gorgeous scent to the wedding day.

Isn't Katie's mom gorgeous? The light in her room was just off the hook beautiful.

Even relaxing, she was elegant.

The flower girls were so cute you could eat them with a spoon!

At the end of the ceremony, they released some monarch butterflies.

Trevor and Katie, the two of you are just stunning together. And I know you always will be.

Aren't those rings just perfect together?

Katie, you're beautiful.

HUGE thanks to Amanda for letting me come and shoot such a beautiful wedding with her. It was just magical.


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