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“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen

Something New

I don't know if you all remember (sometimes I can't even remember my name, let alone anything else!), but last month or so, I mentioned this cool animal photographer I had found on 500px. His name is Wolf Ademeit (or at least that's his internet name), and he creates these stunning images of animals against a black background.

I found his work so arresting and unusual, but I figured he somehow managed to get his animals into a studio, or at least in some kind of controlled setting. No way! He shoots at zoos and other public animal parks. The black background is all achieved in post processing.

So I thought I'd try it for myself with one of my shots from Safari West. The giraffe's head was shot against the sky, so it was easy to isolate the head in photoshop and make everything else black. What do you all think? Is it cool? Weird? Too different? I think I like it, but I don't think I'd do it too often. Then again, it might make an interesting series.


    i think it is better than wolf ademeit's work. you really work with the idea of black space, and take the most advantage of the contrast between dark abyss and those delicate little nose hairs. fantastic. yes! do a series please.

    the only funny thing is the right ear (my right). something about it is off. hard to put my finger on. maybe my eyes want it to be more blended with the background and not have such a sharp edge on top. ? i'm not really sure.

    i want to see more!

  2. I LOVE it...I have been playing a lot w/ the black background w/ my zoo shots and am loving the results!

  3. Beautiful shot Jess! More of these would definitely be welcome.

  4. Thanks guys! Maybe I will try a few more. But it's difficult getting the background to look right, and what you see on his ear, Phoebe, I kind of see everywhere. Maybe I'm just too sensitive.

  5. Thanks for sharing this information and beautiful picture.. They are really stunning... You did a great job.


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