I'm so glad you found me! I'm a San Francisco photographer, and this blog charts my journey in the ever-evolving world of photography. One of the things I love about photography is that it's a journey, not a destination. I'm constantly learning and meeting wonderful people. Please peruse the blog to your heart's content, then check out my website and feel free to contact me! (I love hearing from you.)

“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." – Imogen Cunningham

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen

Red and Blue - And Gray

I just spent an entire weekend watching Zach and Jody Gray on CreativeLIVE and getting my mind blown. Over and over. I feel like all of my gray matter is dripping out my ears and puddling on the floor. But in a good way. Sometimes, I'll admit, I don't really feel like I'm cut out to run a business - focusing on money is really hard for me to do. But a business is not a business without money, and if I don't get paid, I can't afford to do this thing.

It all just keeps affirming that photography is what I was meant to do. Well, no, not it. Me. I keep affirming. I really can't affirm anything else. And maybe I'm not as good at selling as I could be (yes) but photography is in my blood. And I'll make it work. I'll make it awesome. I won't stop trying.

I hope you'll stick around and maybe we can keep making beautiful pictures together.

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