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“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen

Do We Look Like Zombies in Our Passport Photos?

You can be honest. I won't mind.

(Just following the passport photo guidelines, which you can find here. Evan and I opted to take our own. I wish they'd get rid of the "neutral expression" requirement - it makes it very hard to take a flattering photo.)


  1. i kind of love them. a lot. (beautiful eyes, both of you). are these requirements new? haha, the guy who took my photo at the post office must not have known (if they are the same). my passport photo from 2008, i'm smiling, and am also bundled in a coat and scarf up my neck (not "clothing i wear on a daily basis"). super silly guidelines, or no one really cares to refuse photos and send it back.

  2. These expressions remind me of little kids who just did something wrong ... Evan's is of the "but you can't prove it" variety, and yours is more like "Oh crap, can they prove it?" :) Regardless, these are way better than our dark, sad passport photos taken in Midtown by a very cranky post office lady who gave us no direction at all; they ended up looking very DMVish.


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