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“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." – Imogen Cunningham

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen


I was playing with 8x10 crops yesterday, and I realized that, although I love the 3x2 ratio, I'm a little tired of it. I've been influenced by all these photographers who say they never crop their work, and I've been working on perfecting my image in camera, but what if I don't want a 3x2 image?

And I like this photo just as much if not more, with a little bit off either side. I think I might shoot with this crop in mind for the next few days, see which subjects work for it, which don't.

For your reference, here's the 3x2 image. I took this shot in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in a temple. These are clay roof tiles. Which crop do you prefer?


  1. I think I like the bottom image w/out the distraction on the bottom, but if I never saw the bottom one I would still love the top one for it's colors, details and depth....

    And...after looking at mine I find myself agreeing w/ you about the frame - if I left a frame it might be better smaller...

  2. Thanks everyone for the name ideas...I think some of them are too long, but wow, are they fun! Jens came up w/ the idea of "Breathless" - short and to the point - was does everyone think?

  3. I think I prefer the 3x2 crop ratio, but the closer crop like the top one.

    How's that for wishy-washy!

  4. Hi!
    I like the little one at the bottom. It shows more of what's there. Have a great day!


  5. I prefer the top crop, it is tighter and you can see more details, and it puts your attention to those details.
    I am recently thinking that I will start cropping the pictures not following any particular ratio at all, as I don't see a reason not to do it. Sometimes, you are bound by the contest rule to what ratio you need to crop, sometimes you want to make print, but for web viewing you can just follow the aesthetic of the image, I think.

  6. The devil is always in the details! I like the top one that shows all the details. Usually when I'm taking a photos of things like that (when I was in Italy, I did it a lot) I would take a few shots at different zooms and from different angles.

  7. I like the tighter crop and I often like things more square or even completely square. Fabulous detail

  8. I think I prefer the top one. But, I'd like either without knowing the choices. My hubby always says fill the frame, so I try to do that and not have to crop. Sometimes you need to crop to make the size you need.

  9. Hello Jessica! The top photo gives us more detail. I like it better. Love the design, color, composition. Great shot.

  10. I too like the cropped image... while the original photo is good, the cropped one seems to have more of an emotional impact. Nice contrast between the ceramic with its plant detail and the real plant.


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