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“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." – Imogen Cunningham

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen


Light is so important for photographers. I shot this image and yesterday's image together. They are both of the same tree at the same time, but this photo shows the part of the tree in the sun, and yesterday's flower was in the shade.

I like the composition of yesterday's better, but the light in this one works for me more. So, life is full of trade offs. What else is new?


  1. I'm going to disagree with you this time..I like this composition much better than the last one...the bright light and that stunning blue sky really brings out the details in all of these blooms, this is really a spectacular sight! It just sings Spring!

  2. Your lovely Spring flowers give me hope that our Ohio winter will soon give way to some flowers as well.

    Beautiful shots!

  3. Love that dark blue in this image Jessica, really pops out the branches and blossoms.

  4. Like you, I prefer the simplicity of yesterday's shot. It is nice and clean and the diagonal line of the branch helps make it. by the time your original photo was prepared and translated for the internet the single blossom lost some of it's detail and almost blends into the almost white background. I know that my photos never look as good on the web as they do right off my hard drive on the screen. Today's shot is much busier with too many things to look at and try to focus on if you are looking at the blossoms. However, the negative space of the beautiful blue fills in nicely. From a strictly artistic point of view Yesterday's is the definite Winner. Of course after a long Winter most of us here in the Northern continents are really excited about the blossoms against the blue skies.

  5. I have to agree with both you and Scott, I prefer the composition of yesterdays shot more.
    My eyes are in constant movement trying to find a focal point.
    I do like the negative space, but I wish the power lines (at least I think they are power lines) where not cutting right through the middle of it.

    But another beautiful February in Northern California... Huh?


  6. I like this one as it looks like it was taken under Australian skies. But don't take much notice of me I love having plenty to look at too, so the vusier the better. I like it!

  7. Can you stop posting those beautiful spring pictures for like two months, please ;). I so envy you. It is 2F and piles of snow. It feels it will never go away.


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