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“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen

Valentine's Day

(Yes, I know I'm a day late. Please ignore that fact for me.)

A little over three years ago, Evan and I went on our first date. And because we were both slightly dorky, and didn't have any brilliant ideas of what to do, we decided to go to the zoo.

The rest, as they say, was history. That zoo trip was the beginning of something that took us both to Thailand together, and then through many, many different countries, finally plopping us both back down here in San Francisco three years later.

So this year to celebrate and reminisce we decided to go to the zoo again. On Valentine's Day, which is close enough to our anniversary that we figured we could celebrate both at the same time. I was excited, I brought my camera with my long zoom and my 50mm prime.

But, such is life, we got to the zoo and the line was around the block, so we decided to reconsider. Evan, being the amazing boyfriend that he is, suggested that we drive down the coast and stop along the way so that I could take some pictures. What could be more perfect than that?

We had an amazing day.


  1. Nice story and a beautiful scene, the couple on the bluff make a lovely silhoutte. I love the warm color of the sand. Happy anniversery!

  2. The warm sand and 'hazy' feel make this a lovely scene. And the couple on the bluff indeed top it off.

  3. I think he is a keeper, Jessica! :) How beautiful is that? It looks like a scene from a movie!

    If the zoo makes you a dork, I am probably the most dorkiest person you will ever meet! LOL

  4. Zoos are the greatest places ever. I love them too. Especially ones who rescue the animals and don't just display them. I really enjoyed your scene here. I have said before to others, the shots that make you think or dream or imagine are the best ones and that is what photography is all about. I love the mist in the background from the waves and how lucky to catch two couples to reflect your thoughts here. Excellent.

  5. Absolutely stunning. Sounds like you had a lovely day! And the zoo is a special place for my love and I as well. I hope you get there again soon! xo

  6. I haven't been to a zoo in years. The last time we went to the San Franciso zoo was in 1959.

    The alternative day plans worked out very well for you. I am sure you have a bunch more photos where this one came from, and that we will have the pleasure of seeing them soon.

  7. This photo is filled with drama. One can imagine the lives of the couple on the bluff, or the two walking the dog. Also, what kind of life does this lone person have. The place, itself, is filled with drama: The crashing waves, wind and tides. The houses on the bluff buffeted by wind and storms. Lovely composition, colors and complexities.

  8. That's a really sweet story! And a fabulous photo! Thank you for sharing. :o)


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