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“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen

Radio Silence, and Monochrome Monday

I took the weekend off from blogging, instead I frolicked at the beach and in the park, drank some red wine and cleaned my house. It was necessary, and it felt good. But I'm back.

And as sure as I am that I am not the first to coin Monochrome Monday, I've been wanting to incorporate some black and white into my workflow. If you are similarly inclined, Craft And Vision has a new ebook out for $5 that's all about black and white photography. So from here on out, some Mondays may be black and white. I'm making no promises, I may forget by next week, we'll see how it goes.

And what better way to kick it off than with some blossoms? (If you're interested in seeing the color version, it's here.)


  1. You wouldn't expect blossoms to look good in B&W but these really do. Great job!

  2. The blossoms look great!
    I found the B/W switch on my digital point and shoot (yes, I read the manual, no I didnt understand a thing, but I am slowly figuring it all out...I have much more fun flying by the seat of my britches!)
    I'm all for having a Mono-Monday...'course, you sound alot like me...I will probably forget about it on Monday....but will remember it at 3 a.m. Wednesday morning ;)

  3. I never would have thought a b&w of blossoms would look so good. It captures the delicateness of the flowers...I really like the book idea, I hope you stick with it!

  4. I love the great tones in this black and white...gorgeous!

  5. I love B&W flowers and this is a great example. Beautiful image.

  6. The B&W really focuses your attention on the blossoms.

  7. Well I have to disagree with everyone on this one.
    The B&W isn't really my issue, the issue for me lies in the negative space.
    There is tuns of white negative space. The petals are blending in with the background. Maybe if the negative space was darker it would bring out the petals more.
    Also, maybe you can try Selective Coloring Sunday



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