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“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen

Lone Man

Cole Thompson (a great black and white fine art photographer) has a series of images featuring a Lone Man. I was reminded of his work when I framed this image, although I prefer to leave mine in color.

And come back to the blog tomorrow! I have some exciting news.


  1. The color is stunning, and the lone man is adds a bit of wonder to the image. At the same time though, the image is clearly an open landscape, and with the way the image is cropped it feels like it is being constrained.

  2. I'm glad that you left this one in color. I'm sure it would look great in B&W, but those colors are stunning.

  3. amazing colors, its great you caught the silhouette. I think I would have also been on the other side snapping the sky as well. great job.

  4. While you were down below singing "Under the Boardwalk......"Great sky too.

  5. Glorious :)
    U R amazing
    and i am intrigued by your news...

  6. This is incredible. I love how the boardwalk divides the cool/warm colors. I also like that the manmade boardwalk constrains yet enhances the landscape in the background.

  7. Indeed those colors are stunning. It is such a nice surprise to have eye wonder around the image to find the silhouette of a man on the bridge.

  8. Yes, as much as i like B+W this is fantastic in color!
    Your photos lately have been fantastic. Love stopping by your blog!


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