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Blogger Image Sharpness: Can Someone Explain it to Me?

Do a little experiment for me, if you will. See that picture down below?

Click on it. I promise, it won't bite. Just one little click.

See how much sharper it is after you click on it? Why is that?

It's the same size. Same number of pixels, everything. Can someone help me fix this sharpness issue? I hate having my images look softer than they really are. And I don't want to ask you to click on every single picture.


  1. I clicked, I looked, I openend another window and put the original and clicked images side-by-side, I looked some more, then I looked some more at some other images...

    I don't see a difference.


  2. Maybe I'm crazy, because I STILL see a difference. But if you don't see it, I'll assume it's not a problem (or an imaginary problem) and forget about it.

    I appreciate you checking for me, though.

  3. Would it be the same problem as Scott Kelby reported last week? Check it out.


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